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Widening gaps in life conditions between city and countryside is one of Sweden’s most central challenges. The differences have a direct effect on public and private service, cultural offerings, work, transports, housing, and the declining trust in the democratic social systems.  

Duved has, thanks to its small size of around 1000 inhabitants - with the Duved village association and local network Duved Framtid AB as a driving force - the possibility to be a model creator and lead the way for future rural and urban development in Sweden. Rural investments through innovation is the future’s large and untapped possibility. The countryside will be the starting point of a new sustainable society that derives from the visions of local actors, experiences and ideas.  
The innovative core of the Duved model is the new type of collaboration plan - Governing through local collaboration - which the project aims to develop. The collaboration plan aim to describe how the local community can become more actively involved in the development initiatives in the village and the municipal planning process. 

Duved will lead the way for future rural and urban development.

Duved is, unlike Åre, not a destination town, so the efforts to be implemented in the village will rather generate innovative local solutions to accommodation, work, food supply, social service, cultural activities, circular economy, energy systems and direct democracy, which together make up the Duved model. In addition, the efforts will work as prototypes and basis for continued development and upscaling to national and global spread.  
The project challenges deeply rooted organizational systems such as legal frameworks and norms that hinder societal development. The goal is that the Duved model will over time contribute to a mutual and evolving collaboration with circular structures and dynamic value chains that benefit both country and city. 

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